I have a bunch of sound equipment that I rent out for reasonable prices design to make producing your own event as easy as possible. Packages and. rates below. If you're interested please email me.

BASICS ($150)

Best for smaller shows in houses, parks galleries, lofts, etc.
QSC K10 - active 10” 2-way speakers (x2)
Mackie 1202-vlz3 - 8 channel mixer
SM57 microphone (x2)
SM58 microphone (x3)
XLR cable, 50 foot
XLR cable, 25 foot (x9)
¼ in cable, 25 foot (x6)
Whirlwind IMP 2 - DI box (x3)
RCA to ⅛ in, 6 foot
IEC cable (3)
extensions chords, 50 foot, grounded (x2)
extensions chords, 10 foot, non-grounded (x2)
power strips, grounded (x2)
speaker stands (x2)
mic stands (x4)


Comes with all of the items in the BASICS package.
Best for pop-up venue shows.
QSC KW153 - active 15” 3-way (x2)
Yamaha MG20XU - 20 channel mixer
Pro Co StageMASTER 16x4, TRS returns, 50 foot - cable snake

ADD ONS (prices listed)

Nature's Generator Elite - electric battery powered generator +$75
Nature's Generator Elite Power Pod - extra storage for generator +$50
4x4 folding resin tables +$5
folding chairs +$5

LABOR (prices listed)

sound engineer (x6 hours) +$150
sound assistant (x6 hours) +$75
delivery (one way) +$50
delivery (two ways) +$75