Thursday, November 10, 2022

December 10th - JMC34 w/ Dougie Poole, Anna Fox Rochinski, and Crosslegged

December 10th - 8pm
@ Gottscheer Hall
657 Fairview Ave
Ridgewood, Queens

+Dougie Poole [NY] (10:40pm)
++Anna Fox Rochinski [NY] (9:50pm)
+++Crosslegged [NY] (9pm)

FREE. M to Seneca. L to Myrtle-Wyckoff.

Donate to the event here.

The only funding for this show is from donations. There is $1850 in overhead expenses & artist guarantees, and all money after that is split evenly between the three artists and myself. If the donations end up being less than $1850 all the artists and staff will still be paid at my personal expense. Budget below.

  • room fee $1000
  • artist guarantees $450 ($150 x 3 artists)
  • sound person $150
  • security $150
  • flyer $50
  • moving PA to / from my storage unit (~ $50)