Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Big Dumb Baby - 'I Didn't Sign Up For This'

This song sounds incredibly cool. It is a tight pop rock song that still sounds loose like, “Yeah I know what I’m doing whatever.” It slowly narrates the agonizing process of starting another day, and it reveals the uniquely mid-20s feeling of being the age where time begins to pass faster than you can observe but not yet being old enough to feel like an adult. That feeling reminded me a lot of the days leading up to Christmas when I was a child, overwhelmed with anticipation of what was to come yet precipitously depressed because it soon coming meant it would soon end. Someone I looked up to once told me everyone gets their time in the sun, and that we spend our lives either looking forward to it or looking back at it, but rarely do we know when it is happening. That’s what being 25 feels like.

The half-life of trends gets shorter and shorter. The way we look and sound are mercurial, but what will always be cool is the act of suffering nonchalantly.