Thursday, November 24, 2022

Fanclub vol. 5 Ryan Sheehan

Fanclub is a semi-regular recommendation series where I talk to Normal People about the Things They Like. 

Ryan Sheeham (he/him) - New Paltz, NY
I know Ryan because he is dating my niece.

JMC: What have you been listening to lately?
RS: Definitely a lot of Peter Gabriel recently. Every couple months I’ll slip back into a Peter Gabriel phase, specifically his third self titled record. Aside from Gabriel I’ve been diving into Deradoorian’s catalog. She’s incredible and versatile. A lot of Low as of late too, sadly as a result of the heartbreaking passing of Mimi Parker. A truly heavy loss. Such a talent, with a voice that always gave me chills. Oh and some Sade for good measure! 

JMC: How’d you get into Deradoorian?
RS: I kept hearing the name a few years ago, I think first in an interview with Fleet Foxes. I checked out couple of songs, then forgot about it. But the name came popping up in my head. Something about it just stuck with me, so recently I went back to her stuff, and found out she’s released a ton since I last listened.

JMC: Are there any shows coming up you are excited about?
RS: Gonna be seeing Bitchin Bajas, a psychedelic trio, on December 3rd at Tubby’s in Kingston. Been wanting to catch them for quite awhile now. They make some of the most beautifully hypnotic music since Tangerine Dream. Apart from that I actually have a show coming up on November 22nd at Snugs in New Paltz that’ll be the debut of a new band consisting of me and one of my closest friends, Matt.

JMC: What’s the show scene in the Hudson Valley like right now? For a few years my friends from Brooklyn have been moving there, and I think they always expect it to be Brooklyn with trees because they spent a weekend at Storm King or in Hudson.
RS: It’s definitely a bit of that, but everything is so spread apart which I think causes this lack of cohesion, and I think actually is a good thing. I wouldn’t say the Hudson Valley has any kind of definable sound. There’s an incredible spectrum of bands from hardcore to folk. A lot of really great artists are based out of here. But with that spectrum also comes the complete mediocrity of the singer/songwriter craft brewery circuit that I really have no time for.

JMC: What’s something good going on there? Are there any good venues or specific bands?
RS: Tubby’s in Kingston is definitely a stand out venue. Whoever is doing their booking is killing it. Great local bands as well as classic indie bands are playing there all the time. My friend Nik’s band Overturn is a killer stoner metal band. Another friend of mine, Dennis, just started this thrash band called Sinner's Table that absolutely rips. They’re based out of Poughkeepsie. The Bobby Lees are another sick band, based out of Woodstock, who actually just recently got signed to Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records.

JMC: What is something you've been hearing a lot about but haven't fully made your mind up about yet?
RS: Whatever the thing is, I’ve made up my mind... I think. 

JMC: Do you really not have anything you’re undecided about? You are firm on everything you’ve seen and heard? I don’t believe that! Okay, well, what’s the last thing you changed your mind about?
RS: First thing that comes to mind would be Spielberg. I grew up with his movies as a kid of course, but as I became a pretentious young adult I came to despise him. I just thought he was completely overrated, sappy, predictable, and boring. But now I’ve started to go back and watch some of his stuff and I couldn’t have been more wrong. The man knows how to make a movie. He’s an absolute master of the craft, even with some of the stuff I don’t personally love.

JMC: What do you do all day for money?
RS: I work at a bar called The Wherehouse. I suppose it puts bread on the table.